Counter in Teen Patti example

The “counter” in Teen Patti refers to keeping track of the deck composition based on which cards have been previously dealt. This allows strategic players to make informed choices.


  • Skilled players try to remember showcards and revealed cards in prior hands. They mentally update the likelihood of certain ones remaining.
  • For example, noting a 10 of spades was recently displayed means only 3 of those now stay in the undealt deck.
  • Countering helps determine the probability of different combinations appearing relative to the outstanding cards.
  • It can prompt adjustments like lowering bets if more high-value ranks have appeared. Or raising wagers if a flush or straight potential still lies unseen.

In summary, deck counting enables informed strategy predicated on observed versus outstanding cards. It takes mental effort but can greatly improve one’s gameplay. Casual participants rarely bother, while professionals see it as indispensable.

Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari, once a musician and composer, has dived into the world of online gambling, with a particular focus on the traditional Indian card game Teen Patti. When not working on his musical projects, Tiwari dedicates time to playing Teen Patti online and engaging with the gaming community. He actively shares his experiences, strategies, and insights about the game through his online platforms, connecting with fellow Teen Patti enthusiasts and promoting the responsible gambling to all the followers of the blog.